• Emulter – Anti-Corrosion Paint

    Features: ・Low VOC – Water based paint (Meet HAPs Regulation: 2.6) ・Superior Anti-Corrosive Performance ・Saving Energy – Dries @ lower temp and faster

  • Slit Nozzle

    Water based emulsion Environmental friendly material

  • Flange Clutch (F/G)

    Out-Source (Local) : 1,200K pcs/year

  • Separator Plate (S/P)

    Out-Source (Local) : 8,700K pcs/year

  • Disc Clutch (D/C)

    Production Volume In-house (Segment type) : 10,236K pcs/year   Out-source (Japan) (Segment type) : 9.3K pcs/year

  • Products Manufactured

    Under our corporate principle of “Quality First,” we are striving to offer highly attractive, top-quality products in order to bring satisfaction and excitement to our customers in North America.